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If I may, Hacker News and your website (together with a few others) are amongst the predefined webpages that my browser automatically opens each time I start my web browser and as a Python dev(still a beginner after 2 years) and an old school Linux Sysadmin, I am also using... Windows. Why you might ask? Well since I discovered WSL on Windows all my development and work is done there and when it's time for fun or want to listen to some nice FLAC music I use my windows.... and I love it. I just found the perfect sweet spot that I always wanted, security and development (Linux) and some fun...

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That was ms goal all along. They were bleeding dev to mac and they knew it. So they put unix in there, and instantly won over part of the market share back. That plus vscode, github, npm and now AI, and they're getting their 90' mojo.

I still think they will eventually stab devs in the back, but meanwhile, we can enjoy the ride.

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Great point on how most Python users are on windows and are not professional programmers. Many beginners struggle with basic things like installing libraries, forgetting to activate venvs (if they ever use them). But if you make this comment on HN/Reddit you get called an idiot

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I have a formal background in electronics, where I wrote code on Assembly. I never learnt C, because it was too high level 😁. I was "over-educated" being in Kenya, so I packed that and became a graphic designer, then a web designer. On one project, my "backend guy" told me he will build in PHP and surprised me with ASP on IIS server. I was angry because if you ran an IIS server, and not LAMP, it was going to cost you money.

On my design side, I had started on Cinema 4D, who incorporated Python as a scripting language. Then there is there is "processing code"(https://py.processing.org/) in Python. So when I knew I could do backend in Python and Django was the "go to", I had started on "full stack web development".

This article is very apt because it describes what I have experienced on how niche software developers are and how there are so many people using Python for so many things.

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Another great post!

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