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Nice article. A small typo in this line:

answer = "Are you sure? "y/n"

The string is not closed.

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Sometimes we get in a bubble and a rhythm and forget to look for better ways of doing things (which is _exactly_ why I read your articles). I've been using f-strings almost since they were introduced, but NEVER ONCE in how many years had I once considered to use them for date formatting. I feel so dumb, but that's a game changer. Thanks!

Side note, is there a typo in your flag_to_bool dictionary with a quoted "False" value?

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OK here's a comment. When I get the email I would like to be able to open the article as a web page for later reading. But you have deleted that link from your email. I don't mind you pushing the app, but I don't care to install it nor do I want to read a long article on my phone in any case. So please restore the web-page link to the email.

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